Restaurant “Desetka”

Desetka is a modern restaurant that offers you a perfect spectre of dishes made with love and enjoyment. The dishes are garnished with simplicity but opulence of tastes, smells and colors. It is difficult to describe the delicacies this restaurant offers , so it’s best you taste them and be assured of why Desetka is told to be the ideal place for hedonists and gourmands.

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Restaurant-bar Desetka is located in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro. Podgorica is placed in the middle of Montenegro so it’s the perfect starting point for further exploring of what this magnificent country has to offer. The best restaurant in Podgorica is Desetka and it’s placed in the complex of Technical University. Since Podgorica is a small town, our restaurant is just a short drive away or a 15 minute walk from every part of the city.

Podgorica airport

Podgorica airport is situated just 9 kilometres from our restaurant, which means that as soon as you land in Montenegro, you can take a city bus, rent a car or a taxi and indulge yourself in a refreshing meal from our opulent menu. Podgorica’s airport is well connected with many countries such as Turkey, Austria, Serbia, Slovenia, Germany, Norway and many others so you can reach us in a few hours, depending of how long your flight takes.

Kotor to Podgorica

Kotor to Podgorica is a relatively short distance trip of 85 kilometres. If you’re headed to Podgorica with a car we suggest taking the M2.3 and E65/E80 roads which will get you to Podgorica in an hour and a half. There is a regular intercity bus line which drives to Podgorica few times a day.

Dubrovnik to Podgorica

Dubrovnik to Podgorica is a trip of 150 kilometres and is a ride that goes through continental part of Croatia, Herzegovina and Montenegro and is a perfect road trip followed with impeccable nature sceneries. If you’re going by car, we suggest taking the M6 i M16 roads to reach our restaurant in just 2 hours, or a bus ride that rides to Podgorica few times throughout the day.

Belgrade to Podgorica

Belgrade to Podgorica is a long trip of 454 kilometres. Coming by an airplane is definitely the shortest solution, but don’t give up on taking a road trip or coming by bus. The road E763 will drive you through natural phenomenon like Zlatibor in Serbia and beautiful sceneries of Kolašin in Montenegro, so it’s definitely worth it. The ride is approximately 7 hours long, so you can enjoy and explore while you’re driving to Desetka, and we will make sure to prepare the best delicacies Podgorica has to offer.

Budva to Podgorica

Budva to Podgorica is a short trip of 62 kilometres taking you through the continental part of Montenegro which will surely amaze you. We suggest you taking the M2.3 road which will get you to our restaurant in just an hour. If you want to come to Podgorica with a bus that shouldn’t be a problem since there are many buses that operate on this line throughout day and night. Take a short break from coast and explore the capital and enjoy in one of many of our meals.